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Testosterone Therapy in Women

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in our bodies. It seems surprising but it also impacts women’s bodies not only men’s. In women, Testosterone levels do not maintain the same all over their lifetime. It increases while we are growing and then, after our 30s, its levels begin to decrease. With the lack of Testosterone, lots of negative health conditions arise. That is why replenishing its levels is necessary for high life quality and youth prolongation. Testosterone Therapy for women allows an increase Testosterone levels and boosts its production.

What Is Testosterone Therapy for Women

What is the essence of Testosterone Therapy? When the body stops producing enough hormone, it can be added externally. For this, special substances are used, which in molecular composition coincide with the molecules of natural Testosterone. Previously, for this type of hormone replacement therapy, extracts of the adrenal glands of animals and Testosterone synthesized from animal tissues were used. Today, drugs with higher efficiency are used - bioidentical hormones. Such synthesized Testosterone has no side effects and does not adversely affect the body. Testosterone Therapy for women is an opportunity to replenish the necessary levels of the hormone in order for all body systems to function in a healthy way. To do this, one of the most effective methods is the introduction of Testosterone injections. Since the drug is quickly absorbed directly from the bloodstream, it has greater efficiency and speed.

Merits from Testosterone Therapy Intake for Women

For women, taking Testosterone Therapy is associated with several major benefits.

  • Effective fight against the manifestations of menopause. Testosterone Therapy is an effective method of improving menopausal well-being and helps fight hot flashes, mood swings, blood pressure fluctuations, weakness and irritability.
  • Testosterone injections help improve your sex life. It provokes an increase in libido and helps to make intimate life harmonious and fulfilling.
  • This type of therapy is considered today one of the most effective anti-aging methods. Testosterone helps control metabolism, improves skin condition by boosting cellular collagen production, and it has a positive effect on hair growth.
  • The long-term effect is another advantage of this type of Hormone Replacement Therapy. With the help of Testosterone Therapy, positive changes in the female body persist for several years. Moreover, the course of therapy can be repeated without fear.

How to Start Your Testosterone Therapy in Our Clinic

We offer you the simplest start for your Testosterone Therapy in our clinic.

  • Apply for our consultation and get it for free.
  • Get diagnosed in our lab. We’ll provide you with blood tests and a doctor’s examination.
  • Get a prescription and therapy plan to start the treatment.

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What Are the Indicators You May Need Testosterone Therapy for Women

A feature of hormonal imbalance is that it is not so easy to identify the real state of affairs. The severity of symptoms in each patient is individual, as are the norms of the hormone in the body. Only an experienced doctor can determine for sure whether you should take Testosterone Therapy based on complex blood tests. But certain signs indicate a possible testosterone deficiency in women.

  • Severe menopausal symptoms. Sweating, hot flashes, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and fatigue are among these symptoms.
  • Decreased libido. Low testosterone affects sexual activity and the need for sex.
  • Intense pain with PMS. Often, severe PMS and menstruation are also associated with a lack of Testosterone.
  • Difficulties with weight control. Testosterone affects metabolism, and when the hormone is deficient, metabolism slows down. As a result, the weight grows but the muscle tissue does not.

The Things That Make Our Testosterone Therapy Clinic Unique

If you want to know for sure if you need Testosterone Therapy for Women, get a valid hormonal diagnosis, and get advice from the best professionals about Testosterone control, it's all waiting for you at our clinic.

We employ only experienced doctors who have received certificates that allow us to conduct Testosterone Therapy. You can also expect a detailed, personalized treatment plan that will take into account a variety of factors, including your physiology, age, symptom severity, medical history, and blood test data.

With us, you can return youth! Apply for a free consultation and enjoy your future happy life with no menopause issues!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do women need Testosterone Therapy?

The female body cannot function fully with a lack of hormones. This also applies to Testosterone. Among the potential patients who require Testosterone Therapy, most are women in the menopausal or premenopausal period, when the level of Testosterone drops sharply. Also, such therapy will be effective for those who, due to other factors, are diagnosed with low Testosterone. In addition, testosterone therapy is needed for transgender men who need to increase the amount of the hormone after the transition to the male sex.

Are there any considerable benefits taking synthetic Testosterone?

You can get all the benefits from the therapy results. Yet you should also know that its effects could be seen right in a few weeks after your start. That is also beneficial.

Can I feel better in my menopause when taking Testosterone Therapy?

Yes, when taking Testosterone Therapy, your overall well-being increases. In menopause, it is especially noticeable.

Is it possible to improve my skin and hair condition by taking Testosterone?

Testosterone boosts collagen production and increases muscle mass. These factors both positively impact skin conditions.

Is it prescribed legally for women?

Yes, the therapy is fully legal and it was approved by the FDA authority.

Whether Testosterone Therapy is safe for women?

Modern methods in Testosterone Therapy are fully safe. The only reason to doubt is the necessity to be guided by an experienced doctor when taking it. Taking Testosterone Therapy without medical supervision is not allowed.

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