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Athgene: Use It To Train Yourself To Work Smarter Not Harder

Athgene reviewbuy nowWhy are you eating certain foods from the table? Eat that pizza, it used to be your favorite”

My friends were surprised to know when I told them I have changed by diet and other things too in my daily life, so I can excel in the fitness chart I have aimed for. They didn’t stop, they further asked me what I am using and what got me started on this.

So here it is, I have tried most of the diet fads which were/are on trend right now and also tried to change my exercising pattern but at the end, nothing seems to work for me. It is like my body was asking for more and I don’t know what it was. This is when I read my news about how people are taking the more centric approach to their health by knowing their unique genetic makeup with the help of Athgene. I too was intrigued and wanted to try what it has for me. You won’t believe how simple this whole process is, it is so simple and at the end, I got to know what I need to change in my current lifestyle. With the help of genetic insights, I have managed to live healthily.

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My friends were convince about this but are you? If you are not then read my full unbiased review about the same.

Overview of what Athgene is all about?

It is an understated fact that we all want to look fit and healthy. For this, we lift heavy dumbbells, do push-ups, all this to build the lean muscular body but still in the midst of all this some lag behind and other get results but not satisfactory. So is there any way out? Well, science has an answer for that too. In recent studies, it has been found that through analyzing our gene data we can assess how our body works at a molecular level.

Now you don’t have to go to the lab to know all this, to make it simple for you Athgene is created. It is a simple DNA kit which takes your saliva to reveal secrets about your body unique genetic make-up. It analyses over 250,000 genetic data points to tell us how our body functions at a cellular level. Just through the simple mouth swab, we will know which gene have the highest number of carriers and what is its genetic predispositions towards fitness, sleep, and nutrition.

When we know how our body functions from the inside, our approach to the body building aim will be more targeted. We all will be able to optimize our training in the gym, will make a sound sleep pattern and also take those nutrition which are beneficial for our body.


How does this system work?

Our hunger, mood and our body’s energy level are majorly influenced by our genes which starts to get impacted by our lifestyle. Just like our fingerprints are unique same is the case with our nutritional requirements. Everybody’s requirement for food is different and mostly it depends upon their regular activity level. Athgene collects your saliva sample and does some preliminary tests on it.

Afterward, it purifies the DNA to do the genotyping process by detecting mutations with the help of fluorescent probes. This will, in turn, allow them to do the genotype for that particular mutation. When all this is done, your unique information will be run through their in-built algorithm that will automatically calculate the score which Athgene have got through by analyzing your gene variants and lastly it will present you with the facts about your own body.

How should I use this DNA test kit?

Brush your teeth half an hour before collecting the saliva sample. Make sure that you don’t eat or drink anything in this half an hour to avoid any contaminants.

This product includes the sponge tip which you need to keep in your mouth for 30 seconds to collect your saliva. Once you are done with that put that sponge back into the envelope and send it back to the Athgene.

After few weeks you can access your results online.

#you can do this process any time of the day

These people are back on track and have never been that serious about their health than they are now after getting the results from Athgene. Have a look to know what they have to say about this unique system.

Martin, 31 says “Athgene has provided me so much info about my own body. By planning what to eat I have gained huge muscle mass and also the sense of sexuality which was missing from my life for a while”

Suzane, 35 shares “I have been able to create a specific and precise plan about my body with the help of Athgene. With proper planning to what to eat and what should I eat less of, I am off to a better start”

From where to buy?

Athgene DNA test is only available through the online mode. To order yourself this kit, just click the link below.

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Is this test for everyone?

Yes, people of all ages can know about their body through this test. Before changing your diet suggested by Athgene by analyzing your data I would still suggest you that you talk to your nutritionist about it before applying changes.

What other benefits apart from gaining muscle mass I can expect from this product?

While gaining muscle mass, you will also notice how your poor stamina has increased which directly impacts your endurance level. With lot more energy in hand, you will continue to be a star in the gym and in the bed, you will see a difference in your sexual energy. It wouldn’t be wrong to say with the better fit body you will be able to unleash the beast in you which will take your sexual stamina up to the notch. You won’t feel tired after only one ejaculation and this will make your partner keep coming back to you for more.

Athgene pros and cons

What will I learn about my own body?

After collecting your saliva sample, Athgene will do the genotyping on it and after that, it will present the information in your account. Through the thorough analysis of your unique DNA, it will let you know how and what you should be eating to get ripped muscular body. Not just that, you will also get to know following things about your body which will help you to unlock your genetic potential and also assists you to narrow down your approach to gain muscle mass. You will discover about your

  • Natural Power Profile

  • Natural Stamina Profile or in simple terms about your endurance level

  • Injury Risk Profile to let you know how likely you are to suffer from a ligament or other injury

  • And what would be your Muscle Injury Time or recovery time to get back up.

  • Ideal sleeping pattern you should follow

  • How your body reacts after consuming carbohydrates, fat and salt.

Why do they only need my saliva sample?

Although DNA sample can be extracted from any part of the body but saliva samples are the completely non-invasive method to analyze DNA. In order to perform the testing, saliva samples provide sufficient quantity of DNA that enables them to do the proper analysis of your DNA.

What is the surety that my results will be accurate?

The end results or to be precise the chart about your own body you will get in the end is based upon the latest studies and research done on the genetics. So you can be sure that Athgene results are backed by the legitimate and scientific research.

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